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  Herel’s 2018 Nucleus Hive (Nuc) Prices:    “Sold out for 2018”

Herel’s Russian Hybrid 5- Full Size Frames   Fife Frame Nuc
Herel’s Local Honey Bees 5- Full Size Frames  
Note: We also offer Full size hives for sale. Please call for pricing, availability and configuration. These hives consist of a 10 frame box, either Full or Medium, with nine frames and includes wax comb, bees, laying queen, bottom board, inside cover and telescoping cover. Breed depends on availability.
      Five Frame Nuc
A Nuc is a Nucleus Hive, which is a fully functional hive with a Laying Queen, Capped Brood, Uncapped Brood, Eggs, Honey and Pollen. The difference between it and a full size hive is the lesser number of frames.

We offer Five Frame Deep and Medium Nuc’s which are comprised of approximately one frame with Honey, one frame of Capped and Uncapped Brood and one frame containing Pollen and two drawn frames of Comb.

Ordering: Our Nuc’s will be available after 1 May 2013. We will accept orders after 1 November 1012. To order, call Jeff Herel at (931) 738-4039 or e-mail at jeff@herelshalfacrefarms.com. When calling to order, we will provide you a pickup date and time and will confirm it in writing. We reserve the right to change pickup dates and will provide you with an updated pickup date with at least 48 hours notice, with the goal to keep the pickup date as close as possible to the original date. As with anything in farming, multiple factors can and do occur and we need some flexibility in order to meet your needs.

To make the transfer as successful as possible, in advance we will provide you with a list of items to bring along when you come to pick up your Nuc(s).

Reasons for purchasing our Nuc’s in 2013:

  • Nuc’s offer a distinct advantage over package bees in that the Nuc is a functional hive with all stages of Brood Development with Comb and stores already available.
  • We offer Nuc’s on small cell and large cell. When calling, be sure to stipulate which cell size you want. Depending on availability certain cell sizes may not be in stock.
  • We raise Honey Bees in the State of Tennessee, New York, and Pennsylvania.
  • Our Nuc’s do not contain any plastic components. Our Nuc’s are comprised of wood, 100% bees wax, the MDA box, Honey Bees and any products the Bees desire to bring into the box.  We’ve noticed our honeybee’s preference to non-plastic products in the past and have elected to run our operation as plastic free as possible.
  • Our Honey Bees are registered in the state of Tennessee. We inspect our honey bees regularly, and it is anticipated that they will be inspected as part of the Tennessee Inspection Program. We also have cooperative agreements with other experienced Beekeepers whereby we inspect their hives periodically as they do ours.
  • We do not use pesticides for treatment of our Hives/Nuc’s. We have an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system whereby we treat our Honey Bees with a 24 hour Formic Acid treatment for Mites, as needed, typically once a year.
  • We only provide frames that are in good condition.
  • Our price includes the heavy duty wax coated MDA Nuc box which you can use to catch swarms, make your own splits, etc.

Final Payment and Pickup Information:

Payment in full, US Funds only, is required prior to transfer of ownership and no personal checks are accepted for final payment at the time of pickup. If final payment is by personal check, it must clear my bank prior to pickup in Sparta, TN. We do not ship or deliver Nuc’s anywhere. Check with Jeff for the rare exception.

Down Payment: A 25% down payment will be required within 14 days after ordering. Personal checks, Bank or Credit Union checks, or USPS Money Orders payable in US Funds only are acceptable.
When you pick up your Nuc’s from us in Sparta, TN, the five frames of Honey Bees with Laying Queen will be in a wax coated MDA Nuc box which is yours to keep. Our wooden Nuc boxes are not for sale.

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