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Herel's Honey Bees
Honey bee

Pure 100% Raw Honey for sale from Central Tennessee

Pure 100$ raw honey Our Honey comes directly from our own honey bee hives which we raise and manage ourselves. Our Honey is extracted from the comb, lightly filtered, slightly heated (not pasteurized) for bottling ease, and bottled in glass containers. Glass bottle sizes include pints, quarts and half gallon, and various sampler sizes which are great for gifts.

Honey can be bottled in specialty bottles similar to shown Our Honey is not targeted towards one specific type, therefore we offer a “Wild Flower” Honey which is a blend comprised of all the different nectars collected by the bees. We harvest Wild Flower Honey both in the spring and in the fall of each year.

1/2 Pint for $ 7.00       1 Pint for $ 12.00

1 Quart for $ 22.00       1/2 Gallon for $ 40.00

Hours of Operation: During 2017 we will open each Saturday from 30 May through 19 December from 2:30 pm until 6:00 pm for the purchase of Honey, Wax, Pollen and/or Propolis at our Hickory Valley Apiary.
     “Honey can be bottled in
     specialty bottles similar to
       the one shown above”

If our hours of operation change for some unexpected reason they will be posted here. (We are also typically available Monday to Saturday but you need to call ahead and check at 931-738-4039.)

Note: If you are using a Garmin to find us, it will get you close but not exact. Typically it will put you within an eighth of a mile away, in front of our neighbors’ house. Keep going east and keep looking, you can’t miss the honey sign!


Please feel free to call and place your order directly with us.  See information on the Contact Us page.

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